Join us through giving so we can continue  the fight against child sexual exploitation .

"Project VIC International made it very easy  to give financially so they could continue their charitable work that is so important to me. I ended up switching my account over to Amazon Smile so that each time I buy something from Amazon some of those proceeds go to this important charity."
"I found it really easy to give to the Project VIC International mission through Paypal. I get to see my donations in action."

Donations Go Towards Specific Initiatives that Enable Law Enforcement Agencies

We put any amount given to Project VIC International to work advancing our capabilities and the training of law enforcement officers. Here are some examples of how we put larger donations to work for specific initiatives.

A $1,000 (US) donation makes it possible for Project VIC International to buy commercial cloud services to host VICS Cloud instances in developing countries. These VICS Cloud deployments can support dozens of new investigators.

A $10,000 (US) donation makes it possible for Project VIC International to deploy and provide training for the latest smart phone acquisition and analysis capability for a law enforcement agency in a developing areas. This one capability helps those local officers analyze several phones a day throughout the year. Many law enforcement agencies in developing countries don't have this today.

Project VIC International is designated a 501(c)3 Charity by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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