Media management

Image and Video Management

VICS standards are available free of charge to verified law enforcement agencies, NGOs and technology companies, allowing entities to become “Project VIC Certified” and become part of the VICS ecosystem.

The image-hashing standard is based on Microsoft’s PhotoDNA and the video-hashing standard is based on Friend MTS’ F1 video fingerprinting technology—both of which are freely available and non-proprietary.

The payload of the image and video hashing is delivered in a next-generation hash record based on an OData/Json record that can carry hundreds of data elements, including image and video metadata, classification and submission details.

Adoption Efforts

Most of the major law enforcement software providers dealing with image and video have already adopted, or are in the process of adopting, the VICS standard. This will enable law enforcement to import and export data from tools into the Project VIC hash cloud and exchange information between tools.

The process works seamlessly without manipulation, reducing instances of data corruption. In order to promote adoption, we have made all of the technology, instructions, sample code and testing URL’s available in secured Project VIC development portals. In order to gain admission to these repositories, you must apply for access.

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