Victim Centric Workflow

Victim-centric workflow

Project VIC has developed new standards for law enforcement data by creating the Video Image Classification Standard, or VICS. VICS leverages the use of large and high-quality hash sets to identify and eliminate previously identified images. These hash sets carry all of the original metadata of the image and designations from high profile organizations, as well as variations of the image hash, including MD5, Sha1, Microsoft PhotoDNA, and others

By using these hash sets, investigators are able to pre-categorize or identify images as part of an initial sweep against seized evidence. This pre-identifies up to 85% of the seized images, allowing investigators to concentrate their victim identification efforts on the remaining 15% of images. By emphasizing a “victim-centric” approach to investigations through training and practices with tools that have strong video and image technologies, Project VIC’s tools and technology has helped identify and rescue thousands of victims globally.


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