PVwithtagThe purpose of Project VIC is to create an ecosystem of information and data sharing between domestic and international law enforcement agencies all working on crimes facilitated against children and the sexual exploitation of children. Each individual agency generally retains silos of similar data, data that would be far more useful in the aggregate.  Project VIC allows each agency to leverage aggregate data, technologies and innovation. Although Project VIC is well known for its robust image hash values, we also offer Domestic and International training through partnerships with the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC).

Project VIC brings victim identification to the forefront of investigations.  In the last four years, the concepts behind Project VIC have become a reality.  While we have come a long way, we continue to innovate to support law enforcement’s fight against child sexual exploitation.

Victim Identification: Project VIC leverages the use of extremely large and high quality hash sets to identify and eliminate images. The “VICS” hash sets carry all of the original Meta Data of the image and designations from Interpol and NCMEC and variations of the image hash to include MD5, Sha1, (Microsoft PhotoDNA), (Blue Bear LES Imagemark)  By using these hash sets, the police are pre-categorizing or identifying images as part of a first time sweep against the seized evidence.  This pre identifies  85% of the seized images so they are able to concentrate their victim ID efforts on the remaining 15%. Project VIC’s methods have already saved and identified over hundreds of victims globally. Project VIC has emphasized a “Victim Centric” approach to investigations through training and practices with tools that have strong video and image technologies.

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Image and Video Management: Project VIC has standardized the law enforcement data by introducing the Video Image Classification Standard (VICS). The standard is made up of a suite of standards that can be freely obtained by law enforcement and industry therefore it is easy for any developer to become VICS compliant and have their tools ready to participate in a VICS ecosystem.  The image hashing standard is based on PhotoDNA and the video hashing is based on F1 Fingerprinting by FMTS, both of these technologies are freely available and non-proprietary. The payload of the image and video hashing is delivered in the next generation hash record based on an OData/Json record that can carry with it hundreds of data elements that include image and video meta data, classification and submission details.

Adoption Efforts: All of the major law enforcement software providers dealing with image and video have adopted or are in a stage of adopting the VICS standard. This enables law enforcement to import and export data out of tools and into the Project VIC hash cloud and exchange information between tools.

As a tool provider you can contact  rich.brown@projectvic.org if you would like to start the process of having your tool Project VIC Compatible.

If you are a Police Officer needing Project VIC Hashes which include PhotoDNA hashes for tools to combat child exploitation.  Contact rich.brown@projectvic.org