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When you work or volunteer at Project VIC International you wake up and go to sleep each day knowing that you made the world a safer place for children, and you made it easier for law enforcement officers to do their jobs well. Victims First!

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Volunteer at Project VIC International

Project VIC International maintains a small team of technologists, training specialists, and communicators that volunteer their time at VIC Labs. We are always looking to add computer scientists, cloud engineers, college students who are more than two years into a digital forensics program, former investigators and analysts, experienced law enforcement trainers, designers and communicators, grant writers, and policy experts in our subject area. We require an application, references, a background check, and a non-disclosure agreement for all volunteers.

"Volunteering at VICLabs has given me an outlet to apply my skills in a way that benefits so many. I feel like I am making a difference in making the world a safer place for our children".

What kind of person makes for a good volunteer at VICLabs?

We encounter many people around the world who have a heart for making the world a safer place for kids. They work in companies or they are students that are working towards a degree where they are creating or using technologies for a non child crimes investigation use case.

Perhaps they are building forensics tools or data analysis tools. They may be developing cloud native software or they may be conducting research and publishing scientific papers on digital investigation topics. These people want to help keep children safe but they often realize that they do not have an outlet to do so because they are not a law enforcement officer.

If this resonates with you, Project VIC International's VICLabs is probably a good fit for you. Our volunteer team meets for an hour each week and we each put in a few extra hours a month on top of that.