Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

Are VICS hashes only for law enforcement?

Yes, VICS hashes are only shared with law enforcement officers who work crimes against children investigations.

Can Project VIC provide tool training?

Yes, we have a series of walkthrough training documents of many of the products we integrate with. Reach out to us and tell us what you need.

How many projects have you completed?

At Project VIC we have worked with out partners to deploy our technologies into more than 30 popular digital investigation products. Those products enable more than 5000 law enforcement officers worldwide to use VICS hashes and to share standard reporting. We have our technologies deployed into several national VICS cloud instances. We have executed several grants with Microsoft and End Violence Against Children. We have trained thousands of law enforcement officers.

Does Project VIC technology cost money?

Project VIC technologies are free for law enforcement when provided directly to law enforcement officers who work crimes against children investigations. We license our technology on an annual fee basis to our vendor partners and to companies who are contracted by law enforcement organizations to implement them.

Do you offer help with urgent projects?

We will do our best to help any organization that has a child protection mission. Our primary focus is to create technologies that make it easier for our law enforcement partners to find and rescue children. If we can't help you directly we probably have a partner that can.

How do I integrate Project VIC technologies?

Reach out to us via the "help" button at the bottom right of the page and tell us which of our technologies you are interested integrating with. We can provide more details of how these technologies work and give some direction on how to integrate them into other products.

Can I provide Project VIC a new technology?

Yes, we are always looking for new technology invention partners and technical volunteers to join our team. If you have created a technology that you think would help then you should reach out to discuss via our "Help" button. See our Technologies page for more details of the kinds of technology we are looking for.

What is Project Katalyst?

Project KATALYST aims to boost countries’ technological and investigative capacity to combat online crimes against children. By working with local law enforcement, KATALYST will improve forensic and victim identification capabilities, and facilitate collaboration between national law enforcement teams and international partners to ensure the safety of children online. This project will be implemented in India, with the potential for scale-up in many other countries.