The Project VIC Technology Ecosystem

We provide the automation building blocks used by law enforcement to find and
rescue children.

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The Project VIC technology ecosystem lets law enforcement officers find child abuse images, hash them, and add those hashes to a validated dataset in their country or region.

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Interested in Contributing New Technology to the Project VIC Ecosystem?

Many technologists around the world create technologies with the intent of those technologies being used by law enforcement to find and rescue children from sexual abuse. One of the primary issues is that law enforcement officers find it nearly impossible to take on all of the many technologies that are created. This is where Project VIC shines. We develop our own technologies and we work with many technologists from companies, governments, and the research community to develop and evaluate future technologies.

Want your tool to be used by law enforcement? It is best to get it into a pipeline with other tools that are then integrated into the popular commercial and open source platforms used by those law enforcement officers. We can help you with that.

What are we looking for:

  • Machine learning and natural language processing models that help us find and classify child abuse images accurately. Don't have one, thats ok, we have some models and data that you can work with as a volunteer. We even have compute resources in Microsoft Azure that you can work with.
  • Contributions of training data to train the next generation of machine learning and natural language processing models. We already have a lot of training data. We need help with continuing the curation and management of that training data.
  • Differential privacy technology that lets data scientists train models on remote content that is in accessible only to law enforcement.
  • New search and clustering technologies that identify patterns, logos, building architectures, light sensing, power sensing, and geolocation features of images and videos.
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Project VIC International is here to assist in any way we can to help law enforcement find and rescue children from sexual exploitation.

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We welcome new technology partners who want to contribute their technologies to the Project VIC ecosystem.