Project VIC "VICS" Data Model

The Video Image Classification Standard (VICS) data model is the heart of the Project VIC ecosystem. The data model is an internationally accepted approach to normalizing data across tools, vendors, and services that are used in crimes against children investigations by law enforcement. We encourage all companies with products that use hashes and other technologies to detect and categorize child abuse images and videos to become adopters of the VICS data model.

Project VIC maintains a collaboration with law enforcement investigators and technology partners to periodically update the VICS data model to enable the use of new technologies, to enable interoperability between our partners, and to ensure completeness of analysis by investigators. We release new updates to the VICS data model about once a year after we achieve a broad consensus from our partners. Any cyber forensic company wanting to specialize in the area of image and video categorization and victim identification will benefit from becoming a VICS data model adopter.

Since our founding in 2012 we have worked with specialized national data analysis program in Canada, United Kingdom (CAID), United States, and Australia to adopt the VICS data model. In 2020 we started working on the same adoption in our Katalyst program in India.

Please reach out to us via our "help" button to learn more about the VICS data model. We only share details with law enforcement and vendors under a formal agreement.


Certifications are needed to protect the integrity of the VICS ecosystem worldwide. Countries involved in using VICS have a mutual interest to maintain the quality and integrity of data being imported and exported within their national networks. The certification process introduces the qualified applicant to the data model and how it is used in each country they do business in. Product vendors are expected to demonstrate to Project VIC International the level of compliance that they achieve within a country requirements or special handling requirements to obtain VICS compliance.

Please reach out to us via our contact form or help button to learn more about gaining or renewing a VICS data model certification.