Victims First!

We build modern technologies to help our partners rescue children from sexual exploitation.

A non-profit whose technologies are used by thousands of law enforcement officers worldwide, enabling them to find new victims faster. Our partners put our technologies into the popular tool suites used by law enforcement each day.

Project VIC International is a technology focused charity that builds foundational technologies used by law enforcement officers worldwide to investigate online child sexual abuse cases.
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About Us

We lead a growing coalition of law enforcement agencies, private sector companies, and volunteers who  champion innovative technologies and victim-centric investigation methods.

More than 30 vendors have implemented our technology and put that technology into the hands of thousands of law enforcement  officers. Join our coalition today by implementing our technologies or volunteer with us.

Our Process

We have a simple, yet robust
and effective process.

We work with technology companies and law enforcement organizations to develop new technologies. Sometimes technologies are donated to us for implementation into the Project VIC ecosystem. No matter the source, our goal remains to provide investigators with modern technologies that help them find and rescue children. Here is our approach.

1. Develop New Technologies With Our Partners

2. Our Partners Implement the Technology in Popular Tool Suites

3. Project VIC Validates the Technology Implementation

4. Law Enforcement Uses the Technology in Investigations

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Project VIC International is here to assist in any way we can to help law enforcement find and rescue children from sexual exploitation.

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We welcome new technology partners who want to contribute their technologies to the Project VIC ecosystem.